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My platform focuses on issues that are relevant and centered  towards my neighbors and community. I’ve been attending city council, planning commission, and other public events as a listening tour to develop my understanding local issues and governance. 


My congressional district is located in one of the fastest growing areas in the state. Yet despite a growing student body and construction of new schools, our schools must rely on politically negotiated funding sources that never are enough to meet the demand. Congressional Republicans continually block and deny adequate public school funding initiatives.

We must do better at prioritizing and funding our public schools, increasing teacher pay, and implementing programs like STEM. We must also expand beyond the college curriculum into educational opportunities related to trades and vocational training.


Like millions of Americans, I have a pre-existing medical condition. Without the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” I would not have been able to leave corporate employment to form my own business. Quite simply, I would not have been able to afford health insurance  to realize my American Dream as a business owner without the pre-existing condition clause of Obamacare.

Protecting and strengthening the Affordable Care Act and MNSURE is a top campaign priority. Trump and the Republicans threaten to take that all away from Americans like me who need it the most.

Climate Change

As a field of science, Climate Change Science is over 100 years old and has been taught in high school textbooks since the 1950s! As a practicing scientist, my profession has been under assault from Trump and the Republicans like never before. Republican denials of climate change is dangerous ignorance!

I know from my experience as a scientist working in energy, environmental quality, and research that there are many ways I can fight climate change as a state legislator.

Transportation and Community Development

When I worked at MnDOT, I learned how to develop successful road and trail projects by working with communities and stakeholders to build consensus, context, and support for critical infrastructure needs. Leveraging transportation and community development funding and projects is one of the most important duties for a state legislator.

Whether it’s a road or trail project, or a renewable energy community solar development, I have the experience and knowledge to successfully deliver infrastructure and community development needs to the citizens of Minnesota.

Farmers and Producers

My family farms in southwest Minnesota are enduring the worst farm crisis since the 1980s. A crisis made worse, by President Trump’s arcane trade policies where he used American farmers as pawns. This the worst of Trump’s betrayals to the American people, the rural voters who supported his candidacy.

Farmers need trade, not aid! Farmers need innovation, rural redevelopment, and new production market chains. As a representative, I will work with Governor Walz and farmer stakeholders  towards expanding trade markets, diversification, and development of sustainable farm policies through stakeholder engagement with my neighbors who produce our nation’s vital food supply.


Sensible Gun Regulation

As a hunter and gun owner, I relish those fall days when I can partake in Minnesota’s hunting heritage. As a sensible and responsible gun owner, I know that there is no reason or need to own assault weapons. I don’t need an AR-15 to hunt ducks, pheasant, and deer!

Gun Violence is National Crisis! I support reestablishment of the federal assault weapons ban, establishment of red flag laws and universal background checks, and a federal database of registered firearms. PERIOD! ENOUGH!

Women’s Rights

The unbelievable outcome Trump presidency is that in year 2020, the rights of women and families has emerged as top campaign issue. Conversely, the MeToo movement was long overdue. But wait! The Trump administration’s anti-women and pro-life policies is an intentional, spiteful assault on women, girls, and families.

I am pro-choice, I support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, and I support MeToo as a identifying male, and as a mother’s son.

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